Sensory Resource Areas

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A multi-sensory approach to learning is essential for many of our pupils. Every classroom is well resourced to enable teaching staff to support multi-sensory learning, and in addition to this we have purpose built sensory resource areas, which pupils have access to throughout their school week. 
Sensory rooms: Across the school, we have three designated sensory rooms (two at the Primary site and one at the secondary site). These have equipment to develop pupils’ ability to engage, show preferences, make choices and to provide an adaptable learning environment to maximise learning potential. These rooms are well used for teaching in all areas of the curriculum from art lessons using UV paint, to music lessons using the resonance board, lights and sound system.
Hydrotherapy pool: Our hydrotherapy pool has a full range of sensory lighting and equipment to enable the pool to be used as an opportunity to develop skills highlighted within ‘The Engagement Model’. Teachers are able to adapt the environment to match the focus of the swim session. For example, they can use sound and movement activated lights to encourage independent movement in the pool.
Soft Play room: This room is at the primary provision and is designed to be full of bright colours and different 3D shapes to encourage our younger pupils to notice and identify differences in colour, shape, size and space.