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Careers Education
To prepare pupils for the "opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life", at Abbey Court we encourage pupils to pursue relevant and realistic goals for education, training and work. Pupils engage in a careers pathways and enrichment education which focuses on life skills and knowledge of themselves.


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Our careers provision at Abbey Court, is built around the eight Gatsby benchmarks and the Gatsby SEND toolkit. The Gatsby Benchmark is the internationally researched framework which defines a world class careers education, that is central to the updated statutory careers guidance ‘Careers guidance and Access for education and Training Providers’ (2021).
These Benchmarks are:
1. A stable career programme
2. Learning from career and labour market information
3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
5. Encounters with employers and employees
6. Experiences of workplaces
7. Encounters with Further education & Higher Education
8. Personal Guidance
Our current (November 2022) assessment against the Gatsby Benchmarks is as follows
Benchmark 1- We have a stable careers programme in place that is regularly evaluated and updated. We have achieved 100% on this Benchmark. Pupils, parents and staff all have access to careers information on our school website.
Benchmark 2- Pupils are provided with up-to-date and appropriate career and labour market information, helping to inform our pupils of their potential ‘career’ paths. We are currently scoring 100% on this Benchmark.
Benchmark 3- Abbey Court School is scoring 100% on this Benchmark. Our careers programme is tailored to the needs of each individual pupil and their own career pathway. The school collects and shares data with the local authority. Destination data is maintained for each individual.
Benchmark 4- Our careers education programme is embedded within our spiral curriculum. Pupils are taught about careers across a range of subjects. We are scoring 100% on this Benchmark.
Benchmark 5- Each pupil has meaningful encounters with a range of employees, resulting in a better understanding of the world of work and potential career paths. We are scoring 100% in this Benchmark.
Benchmark 6- Where it is appropriate, pupils have access to work experience and different work environments, teaching them about the context in which they could one day be working. All pupils engage in work experience on Larkin Farm. We are scoring 100% in this Benchmark.
Benchmark 7- Pupils at Abbey Court school, where appropriate, have access to and encounters with further education providers, we are scoring 100% on this benchmark.
Benchmark 8- Abbey Court school is scoring 100% on this Benchmark. Each pupil has access to an external careers advisor and are supported through their individual pathways. E.g. work experience or a more sensory approach to careers education.
Anyone wishing for further information about our careers policy or require provider access to inform pupils from year 8-13 about approved technical education, qualifications or apprenticeships should contact the Careers lead.
Careers lead: Jessica Cameron contact details.