Aims & Values

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  • To know each individual child/pupil as thoroughly as we can, including any circumstances which might affect their well being, behaviour and performance at any moment in time.
  • To maintain high but realistic expectations for each pupil.
  • To enable the development of independence of each pupil.
  • To ensure we always see, first and foremost, the child not the disability and to ensure that education (and not care) remains paramount.
  • To ensure that pupils feel safe, secure and comfortable to enable them to focus on learning.
  • To give great emphasis to the celebration and communication of pupil achievements, thus enabling a positive impact on parents, the local community and the pupils themselves.
  • To have and realise a bespoke vision for each and every pupil and each and every member of staff. Do everything we can to ensure that people in the local community see our school and pupils in a positive and informed light.
  • To enable our pupils to develop into good citizens and to participate actively in their local communities.
  • To offer opportunities and experiences for pupils to learn in a multitude of different ways and through a rich, varied and individualised curriculum.
  • To give pupils an equal voice in and ownership of their education so that they are able to express opinions, choices and preferences.
  • To use individuals' interests, skills and experiences to enhance the education of pupils and staff.
  • To ensure that leadership is in the hands of as many staff as possible.
  • To learn and share information, to the benefit of our pupils through mutually supportive¬† relationships with parents, visiting specialists and outside agencies.
  • Through a variety of self evaluation methodologies, seek to know our school better to inform focussed school improvement, and so that others can know us better.
  • To function and be recognised as an authentically exemplary school in its field.
UNICEF Rights Respecting School


Abbey Court School has achieved Gold Award accreditation  as a Rights Respecting School and puts the 54 articles of the Unicef children's charter at the heart of all school policy.
This policy reflects that we believe that as a school we must do everything possible to ensure that through their learning our pupils grow as healthy as possible, learn at school, receive protection, have their views listened to and be treated fairly.

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