Sustainable Development Goals

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What are Global Goals?

In 2015, leaders from the 193 countries of the United Nations met to discuss the world’s problems and agreed on a plan to tackle them by the year 2030. They named this plan the Sustainable Development Goals - commonly known as the Global Goals.

Learning about the Global Goals aims to help children develop into creative, empathetic global citizens who are curious about the world around them.

The characteristics that help us to support the global goals are: empathy, curiosity, problems solving, creativity and effective communication. UNICEF have created five characters who embody these characteristics.

Claudie Curiosity - Claudie loves investigating the world around her. Her pincer is a C shape as it reminds her to always be curious and search for answers to questions.

Ekani Empathy - Ekani uses his nose to understand how others are feeling so he can help them. Making other people feel safe and happy makes him smile. 

Parker the Problem Solver - Parker loves challenges! Every time she solves a problem, her spots change as her knowledge grows.

Crawford Creativity - Crawford is on a mission of discovery. He uses his tools belt of paints and pencils to help develop a better world.

Cassie Communication - Cassie has amazing ears to help her listen to what people are saying and understand what they need and how she can help.

To find out more about the Global Goals, please visit the Unicef website: