Duke of Edinburgh

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The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme helps young people to build resilience, confidence and self-esteem, and improve the key skills required to develop and grow as a good citizen. It provides structure and purpose, in a safe but challenging environment by providing experiences that can develop pupils skills to enable them to function effectively in the community. Duke of Edinburgh encourages the pupils to think about challenging themselves and recognising their own limits. The idea of working towards the Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh awards is very much pupil led and as such the drive to achieve those awards is their own. Pupils decide what their Work Experience opportunities will be, and where their Expeditions will take place, with the adult facilitating and enabling them to be as independent, as they possibly can be, whilst making sure of their safety. Last year, a small group of Duke of Edinburgh students were asked to join other Duke of Edinburgh groups to share their ‘Life Saving Skills’ at an event attended by HRH The Duke of Wessex, who spent twenty minutes engaging with them and having photographs taken. The pupils are always positive about their experiences and the assessors are always extremely encouraged by the depth of commitment from our pupils.