Key Stage 3

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As pupils begin their Secondary school experience, we focus on giving them greater independence and build upon their self-confidence. Pupils are encouraged to build friendships outside of their classroom and we offer a wide range of lunchtime clubs.
Pupils in Key Stage 3 learn through a subject based curriculum which is supported by our specialist classrooms. Pupils work towards accreditations such as AQA unit Awards, Asdan and Winstrada. They have opportunities to make more choices by offering them new experiences such as going off-site swimming and trampolining. A greater emphasis is placed on inclusion within the community and becoming a responsible citizen.
As pupils progress through Key Stage 3, the demand and expectations are increased. We continue to promote a safe and fun environment where mistakes are seen as a way to grow. At the end of Key Stage 3, pupils have had the opportunity to further develop their independence, life and social skills.