PSHE and Citizenship is the core to every individual’s learning at Abbey Court school. It teaches pupils about themselves and the wider world around them, equipping them with the knowledge to make informed decisions and the necessary skills for life. PSHE and Citizenship encompasses; Drugs and Alcohol Education, Careers Education, Personal Development, Citizenship and Relationships, Sex and Health Education. Every pupil is encouraged to learn how to express views and opinions, desires and contribute to planning their own learning. Adaptive teaching methods appropriate to the needs of individuals, ensures that there is the opportunity to learn in different ways, generalize skills and the transference of these to different situations. Pupils are supported to build upon experiences and encounters which they have had through the use of real-life contextualized learning. Teaching focusses on real life skills for future independence, and it is hoped by the time pupils leave Abbey Court school they will have the capability to exert autonomy over their life and access society in a meaningful manner, knowing that they have a place and purpose in society.