All pupils have a planned programme of physical education and swimming activities each week appropriate to their individual needs.
Physical Education at Abbey Court School includes physiotherapy and mobility and contributes to the physical development of each child, providing them with the opportunity to learn how to manage their bodies and control them with confidence in a variety of situations. PE promotes the importance of active, fit and healthy lifestyles. Physical Education develops pupils confidence. For some children, it incorporates regular and specific physio routines aimed at maintaining and developing  movement. Alternative approaches to movement are also used, these include: Sherbourne Methodology to improve pupils’ physical development and motivation and Mobility Opportunities Via Education (MOVE). The Halliwick approach for the teaching of swimming and Rebound Therapy, supports the development of movement patterns and body awareness.
All pupils will have the opportunity to take part in competition, promoting competition within  their own school, against other schools and at county level. Pupils participate in a range of sporting activities some of which take place offsite at sports centres and some at local mainstream and special schools. We regularly compete against other schools in swimming, football, boccia, athletics, cycling and skiing. From Foundation Stage onwards, all pupils are given the opportunity to participate in swimming activities and the ‘Halliwick’ swimming method and the ASA Scheme is used to improve their body control, develop stroke technique and confidence in the water and work towards nationally recognised accreditation.