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Mathematical development is essential to pupils’ ability to make sense of the world around them. To become functional learners, pupils need to learn to engage with their environment, making sense of what they can touch and explore, and understanding how they can have an effect on their environment (cause and effect). Maths at Abbey Court supports pupils to develop these early, fundamental skills, which are the beginnings of understanding number, space and measure. Our curriculum intends to provide consistent and age appropriate opportunities to not only develop key mathematical concepts, but also to use their understanding to develop practical skills that they can use as adults. Wherever possible, maths is taught in meaningful, personalised and relevant contexts, which support pupils to apply their maths skills in a range of ways. Core skills such as understanding time, managing money, understanding cause and effect and developing basic number skills are rigorously focussed on in a practical, personalised approach throughout the curriculum. Use of accreditation, supports and recognises progress, as well as providing an important layer to our age appropriate progression.