English at Abbey Court encompasses all aspects of Reading, Writing and Communication; verbal, non-verbal and written. Work undertaken in English promotes learning across the whole of the school curriculum, and has an impact on pupils’ achievements in all aspects of their lives. More specifically, English offers pupils the opportunity to develop the ability to respond, to listen and to understand. Reading is embedded throughout all learning at Abbey Court, with a strong focus on developing functional reading skills, and an enjoyment of literature. Phonics is delivered to all pupils, where appropriate, with pre-reading and listening skills a strong focus for many. English and communication and reading is supported by the use of Objects of Reference, photos, symbols and Makaton signs. A range of communication aids are used, appropriate to the individual needs of pupils. The curriculum is supported by visits to local libraries for special events, drama groups coming in to school and participation in national events such as World Book Day. Abbey Court has well-stocked libraries with resources that are accessible to all, including; story sacks, sensory story boxes, reading scheme books, talking books and books of interest to all ages, cultures and abilities.