Design & Technology

Design and Technology aims to provide each pupil with important, basic skills for everyday life, now and for the rest of their lives. By reinforcing the core subjects of Mathematics, ICT and Science; Design and Technology provides each pupil with space for creativity, quantity, scale, experimentation and awareness of their world. By working with each other to become curious about function and effects of materials, Design and Technology is taught throughout the school in and outside the classroom setting. Design and Technology provides opportunities in purpose built environments to use sensory experiences of foods, materials, equipment and tools. It gives opportunities to play, make, design, build, measure, construct, explore and evaluate.Design and technology provides pupils with the opportunity to manage risks, using equipment that provides them with a greater understanding of how things are built and produced. Food Technology is also important in providing all pupils with skills that enable their independence. As pupils move through the school they develop life skills that promote their independence.