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Abbey court image gallery 27We have produced transition booklets that cover all Key  stages at Abbey Court. Click on the links below to read the booklets.


Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4




We also have other documents below that you may want to read


A list that explains what abbreviations used by the school stand for

All about us

Home / School Agreement

Attendance Statistics Leaflet

Leave of absence application

Parents survey 2015-16       

Parents survey 2016-17

Parents survey 2017-18

Primary Site Lunch menu Autumn / Winter 2018

Secondary Site Lunch menu Autumn / Winter 2018               

Free School Meals - Medway Council website and more information 

School Uniform order form

School Uniform order form for FE Pupils

If you require a  paper copy of the information listed on our website please contact the school using the details shown in our "contact us" page. There is no charge.