Coverage Plans



At Abbey Court school the curriculum is designed to ensure that the National Curriculum requirements for an outstanding curriculum are implemented. In many ways it is just the same as in a mainstream school but the resources used and the methodology employed are different in order to facilitate the level and quality of differentiation demanded by pupils with severe learning difficulties.

The National Curriculum provides a framework for much of our curriculum. This National Curriculum is supplemented where appropriate with additional curricula e.g. Sherborne developmental movement and Halliwick swimming in PE; The Derbyshire Language scheme supports the teaching of Basic Language Skills within literacy. Personal, social, health and citizenship education (PSHCE) and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC) are essential aspects of teaching and learning at Abbey Court School across the curriculum.


Art                               Primary Site

                                   Secondary Site

Computing                    Primary Site

                                   Secondary Site

Dance and Drama         Primary Site

                                   Secondary Site

English                         Progression Map     

                                    Primary Site

                                   Secondary Site

Geography                    Primary Site

                                    Secondary Site

History                           Primary Site

                                     Secondary Site

Languages                    Primary Site

                                     Secondary Site

Mathematics                 Primary Site

                                     Secondary Site

Music                            Primary Site

                                     Secondary Site

P.E.                               Primary Site


PSHE and Citizenship         Primary


R.E.                               Primary


Science                         Primary Site

                                    Secondary Site

Swimming                    Primary and Secondary Sites


Nursery                       All Subjects



Reception                   All Subjects




                                     Community Liearning and Travel

                                     Creative Arts

                                     Enterprise Education

                                     Environmental and Outside Learning

                                     Functional Skills

                                     Home Management and Living Skills

                                     Languages and History

                                     Sport, Leisure and Recreation

                                     SRE and Health

                                     World Religions