Schemes of Work

Here are some examples of the Schemes of Work that are used at Abbey Court


Art                                        Year One Term One

                                            Year Seven Term Four

Computing                            Year Two Term Three

                                             Year Five Term Two

Dance and Drama                Year Four Term Four

                                             Year Ten Term Six

D & T                                    Year Two Term One

                                              Year Nine Terms Five and Six

Geography                            Year Five Term Four

                                               Year Eight Term Six

History                                  Year One Term Five

                                             Year Seven Terms Three and Four

Languages                            Year Three Term Five

                                             Year Eight Terms One and Two

Maths                                    Year One Term One

                                              Year Ten Term Three

Music                                    Year Four Term Six

                                               Year Ten Terms One and Two

P.E.                                        Year Six Term Two

                                               Year Ten Term Five

PSHE                                      Year Three Term Four

                                               Year Eight Term Two

Science                                   Year Four Term Four

                                               Year Eight Term One

R.E.                                         Year Three Term Four

                                               Year Eleven Term Six